Ny Tanintsika is turning 20 in 2022! Some of their recent activities undertaken include:

  • Support to 106 community forest patrollers.
  • Action for lemur conservation in the COFAV: 90 forest residents active as lemur monitors, 10 youth and 10 wardens trained and using new technology to monitor and report on lemur populations and pressures.
  • Permanent exhibition of local conservation research in Ambohimahamasina Youth Center.
  • 138ha of forest was recently restored in the COFAV and 158ha of tapia forest, plus reforestation of 48.5ha of tapia and 222ha in the COFAV area.
  • 54 tree nursery agents are currently supported.
  • 79 school tree nurseries were established in 2021-22.
  • Various post-cyclone support to communities around the COFAV area (distribution of emergency relief kits, distribution of food and cash, help with rebuilding of schools and health centers).
  • 1 collection point for endemic silkworm cocoons and silk thread was set up inAmbatofinandrahana, linking to their tapia conservation and reforestation program, and silkworm rearing centers.
  • 80,000 children in 500 primary schools benefit from a daily meal through our school feeding program.