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Ornithological Society of Córdoba

Latin America

Our Vision and Mission

Founded in 2019, the Ornithological Society of Córdoba (SOC), is an early-career non-profit organization based in the city of Monteria, in the department of Córdoba, Colombia. The SOC’s aims are (1) to promote the study, research, and dissemination of ornithology at various academic, educational, and recreational levels; (2) to establish the principles of harmonious coexistence with nature; and (3) to promote social and economic development following the ecological balance, the conservation, and the sustainable use of nature.


The Ornithological Society of Córdoba seeks to be a leading organization deeply committed to the development of activities contributing to the conservation and valuation of the region’s avifauna, linking many local communities so that they can make sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. The projects carried out by the SOC to date are the following:

Montería Bird Fair: SOC led the 1st Bird Fair with 298 participants and highlighted speakers across 22 conferences.

In Search of the Sinu Parakeet: a project that seeks to confirm the presence of the enigmatic Pyrrhura subandina in the department of Córdoba, a bird lost since 1949.

Agami Heron Birding Trail: a project to empower local communities through bird-watching tourism for the conservation of the beautiful Agami heron and its home, the mangroves of Cispatá Bay.

Large Birds of prey: with the aim to learn and generate knowledge and conservation actions about little-known, large birds of prey such as the Harpy Eagle, Ornate Eagle, and King Vulture. The SOC found the first nest of the rare Crested Eagle in Colombia.

Cerro Murrucucú Expedition: the expedition to unexplored Cerro Murrucucú was conducted in 2020 to confirm the presence of Pyrrhura subandina and to generate knowledge about the avifauna of the Upper Sinú River Valley. The SOC found 28 new bird records for the Córdoba department.

Conservation Actions for Parrots in the Córdoba Department, Colombia: a project to develop field research and environmental education activities with local communities, to generate information to mitigate the illegal parrot trade, and to promote nature care awareness.


Our Work In Pictures

Where we are?

The SOC wants to help with the conservation of ecosystems and the protection of endangered species in the Córdoba department to mitigate biodiversity loss. The department of Córdoba is located in Northwest Colombia off the Caribbean Sea. It is 25,020 km², which represents 2.19% of Colombia. The Córdoba department is comprised of savannas, shore coast, mangroves, large wetlands complex, and mountains such as the Alto de Quimarí, the Cerro Murrucucú, and the San Jerónimo ranges. The department is crossed by the Sinú River, one of the most important rivers in the country due to environmental, development, and economic issues.

The SOC has been developing projects mainly in the upper and lower basin called the Alto and Bajo Sinú sub-regions. The sub-region known as the Upper Sinú River Valley covers 70% of the Paramillo National Natural Park, which is one of the most biodiverse areas in the northern Tropical Andes. Paramillo NP is characterized by tropical, Andean, and sub-Andean rainforests, wetlands, and paramo ecosystems. Given its wide variety of ecosystems, 755 species of flowering plants, 60 species of fish, 65 species of amphibians, 96 species of reptiles, 62 species of mammals, and 386 bird species have been documented in the area. The Bajo Sinú sub-region is classified as a tropical dry forest. The Cispatá Integrated Management District is one of the most important blue carbon stocks in Colombia and home to high biodiversity — 5 mangrove species, 227 fish species, 15 mammal species, 15 reptile species, and 320 species of resident and migratory birds.

Why We Need Your Help

To promote the conservation of avifauna, the Ornithological Society of Córdoba seeks financial support to continue implementing actions for the conservation of biodiversity in the department of Córdoba. Thanks to the support of organizations that have trusted their team, the SOC has been able to develop projects with results of great interest to science and a high impact on local communities. Due to the results and success of their projects, some entities and donors have returned to fund further initiatives. The SOC wants to continue working for the conservation of species and to carry out new projects to achieve their mission: 

  • Protected Areas: Create new protected areas for species and ecosystem conservation in the department of Córdoba. The SOC’s dream is to establish the Crested Eagle Nature Reserve in the Upper Sinú River Valley.
  • Field Research: Research and monitor endangered bird species for in situ conservation such as Great Green Macaw, Sinú Parakeet, Crested Eagle, and Agami Heron. Carry out field surveys to continue documenting the little-known avifauna of Córdoba and publish the book Birds of Córdoba.
  • Environmental Education: Continue providing workshops to community members to raise awareness of the importance of conserving ecosystems. Create ambassador groups or bird citizens in the awareness of nature conservation to reduce pollution and biodiversity loss.
  • Nature Tourism: Building capacities and tools that enable communities to use natural resources sustainably and follow good ecotourism practices. Develop the Upper Sinú River Valley Birding Trail strategy and continue to strengthen the Agami Heron Birding Trail to create more economic and conservation opportunities for the local communities.
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