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Association Fanamby
Madagascar, Africa
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Ecotourism
  • Reforestation
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About Association Fanamby

Association Fanamby is a non-profit organization that was created to ensure sustainable management of protected landscapes and seascapes in Madagascar. They hold a critical role in managing protected areas across Madagascar.  Fanamby has a multidisciplinary team comprised of 110 full-time staff, and they collaborate with 550 local communities to preventing wildfires and illegal activities, ultimately managing over 1.3 million acres of Madagascar.

Their Challenges

Madagascar faces immense challenges in protecting and restoring its wildlife and natural habitats. Forest degradation from fires, grazing, slash-and-burn agriculture, logging, and the production of fuelwood and charcoal are the main challenges they face today.

Their Approach

Fanamby pioneers nature-based businesses like ecotourism to promote biodiversity conservation.  They support farmer cooperatives and connect international buyers to local farmers, thereby ensuring responsible farming practices, increased farmer returns, and reduced pressures on forests.  Fanamby also manages reforestation projects, community environmental education, and protected area patrols.

Why They Need Your Help

Fanamby protects some of the most important parks and reserves on the planet. Their team prevents forest fires, stops illegal carcoal production and arrest and prosecute those involved in illegal logging operations.  Your donation plays a vital role in managing protected areas, preserving Madagascar's biodiversity, and supporting the long-term sustainability of the country's natural resources.

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