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Partner Snapshot

Partner name:

Mikajy Natiora

Andilambologno Forest, Northwestern Madagascar
Appeal Category:
  • Community Support and Development
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Education
Key Species:
  • Blue-eyed black lemur
  • Giant northern mouse lemur
Challenges and Threats:
  • Loss of habitat
  • Logging
  • Fragmentation
  • Reinforcement of forest patrolling
  • Research equipment
  • Construction of research and education center

The Challenge

Andilambologno forest is located in the northwestern Madagascar. This unprotected the forest is rich in term of biodiversity and some lemur species such as the critically endangered blue-eyed black lemur, the endangered northern giant mouse lemur; the vulnerable western gentle bamboo lemur inhabit the forest. Several species of birds, reptiles and amphibians occur in the forest. Despite its richness, the forest is facing environmental problems such as illegal extraction of timber and lemur traps. Urgent actions are needed to stop the threats that the unprotected forest is facing, especially to protect the critically endangered blue-eyed black lemur which has a restricted habitat, in the northwestern Madagascar. This species is present in only one protected area.

Urgent Solutions

By reinforcing the forest patrolling, human pressures within the forest will be controlled and managed. The establishment of a research and education center is important because it will serve to organize several events such as building local staff capacity; meeting with local stakeholders, and partners; and hosting researchers, local and international students, volunteers, and tourists. By improving the local communities’ living conditions, they will not depend on the forest resources

Why your donation matters

Protecting unprotected forests like Andilambologno is crucial for developing comprehensive conservation strategies. It is also important to implement community-based and sustainable forest management practices.

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