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Conservation Allies' approach to conservation is unique in that we offer a real partnership to get much-needed support directly to local conservation organizations that are making a real difference in the countries of greatest need.
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Conservation Allies empowers
donors like you to make big changes. The single greatest challenge for local conservationists in the most biodiversity-rich tropical regions of the world is raising funds to sustain their activities. Despite their vital efforts, they are marginalized by the marketing and fundraising dominance of large international conservation organizations in the US
and Europe. But with the help of your generous donations, these organizations can continue protecting and safeguarding the most threatened wildlife and ecosystems in the world.

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Dedicated Team

We are a small passionate team whose purpose is to support amazing organizations dedicated to nature conservation where most needed.
Conservation Allies

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If you have a passion to help conserve endangered species and threatened ecosystems, we are with you. Start today by finding a cause you love.


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Sara Ines Lara

Our partnership with Conservation Allies is a game-changer – they really care about what we do.
Executive Director
Fundación ProAves

Solonantenaina Randriamparany

After years of struggling, our efforts to save the Fossa have reached a global audience thanks to Conservation Allies.
Fikambanana Fos

Dr. Randrianjafizanaka

Conservation Allies has been catalytic in helping us save one of the most biologically important tropical forests.
Regional Director

Raúl Bello Santa Cruz

Conservation Allies is raising our profile to reach supporters who really care about saving wildlife.
Kawsay Biological Station
What does Conservations Allies do?

Conservation Allies is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit that was established in 2019. Our mission is to help organizations get the financial resources needed to make a major impact on biodiversity conservation.

Through a rigorous vetting process, we partner with the most dedicated and effective conservation organizations from around the world. We then provide financial support and a platform for these organizations to receive donations from the United States. All of this is done at no cost to the partner!

Conservation Allies is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (Federal Tax EIN: 84-3985727). This enables us to receive donations on a partner’s behalf while offering the benefit of tax exemption to our donors in the United States. We act as a bridge between US donors and conservation organizations around the world, helping them to raise money that would otherwise be impossible.

Thanks to generous financial backing from our Board, Conservation Allies charges no overhead fees or administration costs on any donations. This means that 100% of your donation goes directly to the organization of your choice.

While we are not the only organization in the world offering partnerships, we are the only conservation team that ensures 100% of your donation goes to the partner you wish to support.

  1. Conservation Allies collects donations for each of our partners.
  2. You receive a receipt for your donation. If you are based in the US, use this receipt to claim a tax deduction.
  3. We send the donations directly to the organization, without charging any additional administrative or service fees.
  4. The organization is able to continue its amazing work protecting biodiversity!

Financial Statements

As a nonprofit organization, Conservation Allies is committed to using your donations in an efficient and transparent manner. You can find our financial statements below.

Conservation Allies

Let’ Get Effective

Conservation Allies identifies the most dedicated and efficient local nonprofits with a proven track record of major impact. We then partner with these organizations to provide technical assistance at no cost, while also offering a platform to help raise funds for their exceptional work.