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Partner Snapshot

Partner name:
Neotropical Primate Conservation

Peru, Colombia, Argentina

Appeal Category:
  • Community Support and Development
  • Endangered Species
  • Protected Area Management
Key Species:
  • Yellow tailed woolly monkey
  • San Martín titi monkey
  • Brown howler monkey
Challenges and Threats:
  • Deforestation,
  • Hunting
  • Pet trade
  • Park guard patrols
  • New Protected Areas
  • Implement national action plans

The Challenge

Many rural communities in South America are protecting their local biodiversity through communal and private protected areas mechanisms. In most cases, these communities do not have direct access to funds for these initiatives even though they often represent the only substantial protection to the ecosystems and species they protect. The Neotropics, tropical areas of south and central America, harbor the highest primate diversity of any continent, but currently, over 60% of primates in the region are threatened with extinction. What often threatens primates, such as deforestation and habitat loss also threatens access to natural resources, such as water, that rural communities rely on. Increasing land grabs, expansion of mechanized agriculture, hunting for illegal wildlife trade, illegal logging, and gold mining are just some of the threats that the local communities we work with are protecting their forests from, without support, they will not be able to continue this vital work.

Urgent Solutions

We aim to train and finance local conservation promotors as park guards to patrol and monitor the areas we are helping them protect. The patrol teams will be trained in the use of GPS, drones, and other technologies to provide evidence of any illegal activities within their forests, information which will then be passed to the authorities. The teams will also gather data on populations of the threatened and endemic species found in each area, to measure the impact their conservation efforts are having. These same teams, together with NPC, will also act as conservation ambassadors, spreading awareness about the importance of these protected areas and the species and ecosystems they protect. These actions have all been highlighted as priorities and fall within the frameworks of the national action plans for primates and specific endangered species of Argentina, Colombia, and Peru.

Why your donation matters

There are probably fewer than 1,000 yellow-tailed woolly monkeys left in the wild in Peru, there are only 50 brown howler monkeys left in Argentina, and the Colombian black spider monkey is Critically Endangered in Colombia. As alarming as this sounds, given the right tools local people can provide the solution to saving these and other species.

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