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Partner Snapshot

Partner name:
Association Fanamby

Menabe Antimena Protected Area, western Madagascar

Appeal Category:
  • Community Support and Development
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Endangered Species
  • Protected Area Management
  • Reforestation
  • Wildlife Conservation
Key Species:
  • Giant Baobab
  • Giant Jumping Rat
  • Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur (the world’s smallest primate)
Challenges and Threats:
  • Forest fires
  • Logging for timber and Carcoal
  • Agricultural encroachment for corn
  • Ramp up ranger patrols "Green Brigades"
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Ranger station construction

The Challenge

The Menabe Antimena Protected Area, a sanctuary of unparalleled biodiversity located in western Madagascar, has been rapidly shrinking due to deforestation caused by commercial agriculture and logging. With just one-quarter of its original forest remaining intact in 2021, urgent action was needed as dozens of endemic species were at imminent risk of extinction. Since the official declaration of the Menabe Antimena Protected Area in 2015, this region has been plagued by intense deforestation by fires and forest clearance caused by seasonal non-local individuals planting corn.

Urgent Solutions

In a desperate endeavor to preserve the Menabe Antimena forest, Fanamby is intensifying protection efforts through establishing rapid response ranger teams, dubbed the “Green Brigades”, composed of rangers, police and government officals who can enforce stringent forest protection measures. Conservation Allies has made a ground-breaking multi-year commitment to help conserve these highly threatened forests, suppoorting activities including a combination of conservation enforcement actions and community livelihood support, combined with efforts to create long-term financing to ensure sustained conservation of the landscape.

Why your donation matters

Fanamby’s multiple-jurisdiction conservation brigades are swiftly arrested invaders and loggers within the core forested areas and enforced strict fire controls to prevent clearing forests to grow corn for cattle feed. These teams faced regular confrontations with invaders who were well organized and funded by commercial interests. Your team to equip them with communications gear and establisg a new ranger station will ensure they can defend the incredibly important Menabe Antimena Protected Area.

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