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Partner Snapshot

Partner name:

GERP Madagascar


Maromizaha in Madagascar

Appeal Category:
  • Ecotourism
  • Reforestation
  • Scientific Research
Key Species:
  • Indri
  • Gray-headed Lemur
  • Coquerel's Sifaka
Challenges and Threats:
  • illegal poaching
  • cattle ranching
  • charcoal production
  • community outreach
  • law enforcement
  • protection patrols

The Challenge

Lemurs, Madagascar’s most iconic and endangered primates, are facing an unprecedented crisis. Their lush rainforest habitats are vanishing at an alarming rate, due to deforestation, habitat destruction, and the illegal wildlife trade. As a result, lemurs are on the brink of extinction, and their unique biodiversity is at risk of being lost forever. These captivating creatures, found nowhere else on Earth, play a critical role in their ecosystems. To combat this urgent crisis, GERP Madagascar is dedicated to protecting lemurs and preserving their habitats, but we need your support to make a real difference. Your donation will directly impact our ability to overcome these challenges and ensure a brighter future for lemurs in Madagascar. Together, we can be the lifeline these incredible animals in desperate need.

Urgent Solutions

The time to act is now. Lemurs in Madagascar can’t wait. With your support, GERP Madagascar is implementing critical solutions to protect these beloved primates. Your donation will fund essential actions, including habitat preservation, anti- poaching efforts, community engagement, education, and scientific research. We are working tirelessly to halt habitat destruction and the illegal wildlife trade, ensuring that lemurs can thrive once more. By contributing today, you become a vital part of these urgent solutions, making a profound impact on the survival of lemurs and the preservation of Madagascar’s rich biodiversity. Join us in this race against time to secure a future where lemurs continue to enchant the world.

Why your donation matters

Lemurs are not just charismatic animals; they are guardians of Madagascar’s exceptional biodiversity. Their survival is intertwined with the preservation of unique ecosystems found nowhere else on our planet. By protecting lemurs, we protect the very essence of Madagascar’s natural heritage. These remarkable creatures serve as ambassadors for the urgent need to conserve our environment and the delicate balance of life on Earth. Your action is needed now. By supporting GERP Madagascar, you are taking a stand for lemurs, for biodiversity, and for our planet’s future. Join us in this vital mission. Your contribution is more than a donation; it’s a commitment to safeguarding the wonders of our world. Together, we can make a lasting difference, ensuring that Madagascar remains a sanctuary for biodiversity and the enchanting home of lemurs.

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