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Partner Snapshot

Lake Alaotra Protected Area, Madagascar
Appeal Category:
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Education
  • Wildlife Conservation
Key Species:
  • Alaotran gentle lemur
  • Durrell’s vontsira
  • Madagascar rainbow fish
Challenges and Threats:
  • Illegal poaching
  • Fires
  • Clearing marshland vegetation
  • Prevent poaching
  • Generate community awareness of lemurs
  • Protect habitats

The Challenge

Alaotran gentle lemurs live exclusively in the reeds surrounds Lake Alaotran of northeast Madagascar.  Despite their limited range, they are incredibly important in balancing the ecology of the area. The principal threat to these lemurs and their habitat is marsh destruction.  Fires are started to convert the marshlands into rice fields around Lake Alaotra Protected Area, with intense destruction in the Bandro Special Conservation Zone. This area that is under attack is home to the largest subpopulation of the Alaotran gentle lemurs in the world.

Urgent Solutions

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation’s intensive environmental education program is showing promise in improving conservation in the area.  It includes:

  • Raising awareness among locals on the environment, environmental problems, and the natural consequences of environmental degradation.  MWC engages adults in educational workshops and travels to local schools to teach children
  • Developing entertaining materials to bolster the education program, including comic books that illustrate the plight of the Alaotran gentle lemurs and what can be done to help
  • Instilling positive attitudes and concern for the environment while encouraging individuals and local societies to become active participants in marsh restoration and lemur protection

Why your donation matters

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation is leading the conservation of the Critically Endangered Alaotran gentle lemur.  However, as a Madagascar-based organization, they receive limited support from international donors.  By donating to this campaign, you are making a real difference, contributing to the saving of one of the world’s most unique animals, the Alaotran gentle lemur.

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