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Association Mitsinjo


Our Vision and Mission

Association Mitsinjo was created in 1999 by the residents of Andasibe village in central Madagascar to cater to the growing number of tourists visiting the region. Now the association has more than 50 members who work for the conservation and sustainable development of the region. Association Mitsinjo manages the Analamazaotra Forest Station/Mitsinjo Park and works in the Torotorofotsy Ramsar site, which is managed by Asity Madagascar.

Our Work In Pictures

Where we are?

Association Mitsinjo works in two protected areas, Analamazaotra Forest Station/Mitsinjo Park and Torotorofotsy Ramsar site.

In 2003, Association Mitsinjo took over management of Analamazaotra Forest Station from the Ministère des Eaux et Forets, and will remain guardian until 2037. More recently, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development confirmed that the Analamazaotra Forest Station is 1,172 hectares (2,896 acres) in size.

Association Mitsinjo was the manager of the Torotorofotsy Ramsar site from 2005 until the wetland received the status of Nouvelle Aire Protégée in 2015. At that point, the management was transferred to Asity Madagascar. Mitsinjo still works in Torotorofotsy in collaboration with the new manager.

Why We Need Your Help

Mitsinjo not only focuses on managing the protected natural resources and conserving biodiversity but also on improving the livelihoods of its members and the people within their community. They have a six-pronged approach: (1) reforestation and rainforest restoration, (2) environmental education, (3) community-based protection and sustainable agriculture, (4) human health and family planning, (5) amphibian conservation, and (6) lemur monitoring.

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