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ASITY Madagascar
Madagascar, Africa
  • Community Support and Development
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Protected Area Management
  • Wildlife Conservation
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About ASITY Madagascar

ASITY Madagascar is a non-profit organization based in Antananarivo that works to conserve Madagascar's biodiversity through sustainable community development and education.  ASITY manages four protected areas:

  1. The Mahavavy-Kinkony Wetlands Complex is located in the northwestern part of Madagascar. It is a refuge for many important endemic and threatened species.
  2. The Mangoky-Ihotry Wetlands Complex is located in the Atsimo Andrefana and Menabe regions.  This unique landscape contains dry forests, spiny forests, lakes, mangroves, and swamps.
  3. The extensive lowland forest of Tsitongambarika, located in the Tolagnaro District and
  4. The 24,760 acres of Torotorofotsy wetland, located in Andasibe in central Madagascar.

At each location, ASITY conducts ecological monitoring, research on target species, and engages in conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity in collaboration with communities.

Their Challenges

Wildlife and their habitats face numerous threats in Madagascar.  With an estimated 80% of the human population living below the poverty line, people in Madagascar resort to unsustainable practices in order to get by.  Such activities include wildlife poaching and deforestation for firewood and charcoal production.  ASITY is working to reverse these trends and assists communities in transitioning over to sustainable habits.

Their Approach

ASITY fosters long-term behavior change in local communities through environmental education.  They empower both current and future generations to understand the connection between the conservation of local natural resources and their own well-being.  

Why They Need Your Help

ASITY is increasing their work in the ecotourism, health, and education sectors in order to improve the socio-economic conditions in the areas they protect.  In doing so, they are investing in the future of Madagascar and ensuring the critical lands they are conserving remain protected far into the future. These increased efforts are resulting in an increased positive impact for conservation, but to continue, they need funding.

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