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Fundación Cambugán

Ecuador, Latin America
  • Land Purchases
  • Protected Area Management
  • Community Support and Development
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About Fundación Cambugán

Fundación Cambugán is an Ecuadorian non-profit organization dedicated to empowering communities and fostering positive and meaningful change.  Cambugán believes that everyone deserves access to basic needs, education, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.  Their mission is to create sustainable programs and initiatives that address these fundamental areas, promoting social equality and enhancing the quality of life for those in need.

Their Challenges

The longest mountain chain in the world - the Andes - crosses the tropical equator in northernmost Ecuador.  This region of mountainous cloud forest holds an unparalleled diversity of flora and fauna.  In fact, these cloud forests collectively contain almost 15% of the planet’s known biodiversity, yet they cover less than 1% of the Earth’s surface.  This biodiversity treasure troves also has rich soils which are ideal areas for cattle ranching and farming.  As a consequence, the majority of these forests have already been destroyed.  Cambugán is working to acquire properties in the cloud forest region to permanently protect them from deforestation.

Their Approach

Through a collaborative approach, Cambugán engages with local partners, community leaders, and volunteers to identify and address conservation challenges.  They leverage their resources, expertise, and passion to develop innovative solutions that create lasting change.  Their areas of focus include education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and socio-economic development.  Education is at the heart of their efforts.  They strive to provide children and young adults with access to quality education, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  Additionally, they work to improve the overall well-being of communities by supporting healthcare initiatives, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering entrepreneurship and economic empowerment.

Why They Need Your Help

Fundación Cambugán is seeking support for their work protecting and managing cloud forests and endangered species, purchasing at-risk forests, and supporting university students in studying the biodiversity of the cloud forests, allowing them to develop and implement improved management plans.

Conservation Allies charges no overhead fees or administration costs, meaning 100% of your donation goes directly to Fundación Cambugán.  All donations made from the United States are fully tax-deductible.