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Peru, Latin America

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About CREA Peru

The Centro de Rescate Amazónico (CREA) is a non profit organization located in the city of Iquitos, the largest in the Peruvian Amazon.  Its primary mission is to conserve the biodiversity of the Amazonian biodiversity, which they are achieving through their wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts, complemented by environmental education programs for the local community.

Prior to 2007, there was no institution in Peru specifically dedicated to the conservation of the Amazonian manatee. Consequently, all rescued manatees faced mortality due to a lack of knowledge about their proper care. However, in that pivotal year, experts from the Dallas World Aquarium Zoo provided training to local biologists in Iquitos, leading to the establishment of the Centro de Rescate Amazónico. Over the course of 15 years, this collaborative effort has broadened.  Now, CREA cares for a wide variety of native species, including manatees, sloths, turtles, pink dolphins, and more. Notably, they have effectively eradicated manatee trafficking in Iquitos over the past five years and have played a role in influencing wildlife-friendly legislation.

Educational initiatives have been implemented both in urban areas and remote indigenous communities. These programs work to educate the local population about the importance of wildlife and encourage sustainable forest practices.

The Amazon draws thousands of visitors annually, each seeking wildlife encounters and adventure. CREA uses this opportunity to raise awareness about species and ecosystem loss. Through the captivating stories of manatees, they inspire visitors to become advocates for conservation, effectively turning them into ambassadors for the cause.

Their Challenges

Iquitos city unfortunately stands out as a significant hub for wildlife trafficking, both for consumption and as pets. CREA takes in animals confiscated by authorities and provides them with essential veterinary care, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild. The direct involvement of the local population has been instrumental in rescuing other species and reducing trafficking.

While significant progress has been made, the battle against wildlife trafficking is far from over. The work extends beyond manatees, and there is much to be done to address the trafficking of other species. The objective is to completely eliminate the trade of these species in Iquitos and expand our efforts to other Amazonian communities.

Their Approach

CREA aims to promote sustainable resource utilization through a comprehensive approach. The center utilizes the Amazonian manatee as a flagship species, emphasizing its significance and advocating for the protection of its habitat, as well as other species in the Amazon.

CREA's comprehensive approach includes:

  1. Rescue: Collaborating with government institutions, CREA has successfully rescued sloths, birds, primates, 60 manatee, and thousands of turtles.
  2. Rehabilitation: CREA has developed protocols for managing rescued species, incorporating measures such as quarantine, weaning, and pre-release preparation.
  3. Release: Since 2010, CREA has achieved success in releasing 31 manatees, 14 sloths, 9,000 turtles, and 5 pink dolphins, all of which are meticulously monitored in their natural habitat.
  4. Education and Awareness: Collaborating closely with schools, universities, and educational authorities, CREA actively works to raise awareness among the population regarding the importance of wildlife conservation.
  5. Scientific Research: Engaging in research partnerships with universities and institutes, CREA conducts studies to enhance understanding of wild species, contributing valuable insights to conservation efforts.
  6. Advocacy and Legislation: CREA advocates for regional and national ordinances that support the Amazonian manatee and river dolphins, working towards legal frameworks for their protection.

Through this multifaceted approach, CREA strives not only to rescue and rehabilitate individual animals but also to address the root causes of threats to wildlife, promoting sustainable practices and fostering a broader understanding of the interconnectedness of species and their habitats in the Amazon.

Why They Need Your Help

We need your collaboration to continue with the rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts of a great variety of species in the Amazon. Caring for our rescued animals involves considerable costs for feeding, veterinary care, habitat improvement, and more.

Donations also enable us to reach the most remote communities in the Peruvian Amazon to implement our environmental education program. Many of these communities are several days away by river navigation, incurring expenses for transportation, educational materials, personnel, and more.

This effort is essential because rescuing their native species is just the first step. They need people to understand the importance of preserving these nature treasures. Hence, their educational program is crucial. Your contribution not only ensures the well-being of the animals but also ensures that the significance of their conservation reaches everyone, young and old. Thank you for being part of this mission!

Conservation Allies charges no overhead fees or administration costs meaning 100% of your donation goes directly to CREA PERA. All donations made from the United States are fully tax-deductible.