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Ny Tanintsika
Madagascar, Africa
  • Community Support and Development
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Wildlife Conservation
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About Ny Tanintsika

Ny Tanintsika, meaning “Our Land” in Malagasy, is a non-profit created with support from the Scottish charity ‘Feedback Madagascar’ with the aim of

  1. Developing a sustainable local model for good governance, accountability and efficiency
  2. Bridging the gap of misunderstanding often found between local beneficiaries and foreign NGOs, and
  3. Sustainably developing Malagasy civil society

Ny Tanintsika’s mission is to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable natural resource management.  Their vision is "Healthy people who take charge of their own development, living in harmony with a flourishing natural world in a fair society."

Their slogan is “Against Poverty, for Nature”.  Ny Tanintsika's priority geographical areas are those around the COFAV Protected Area (rainforest corridor) as well as the tapia forest of Amoron'i Mania region.  They work with communities around these biodiversity hotspots through an integrated approach, working to improve food security, livelihoods, education, health, and forest management.  Promotion of good governance and human rights are essential elements of their work.

Their Challenges

Madagascar's wildlife faces enormous pressures, including deforestation, increasing droughts, and illegal poaching.  Due to a lack of resources, the national forestry administration is unable to adequately arrest offenders of the forests and wildlife.

In response, Ny Tanintsika has stepped in and formed management communities.  They reserve resources to be able to urgently mobilize the forest administration team in order to enforce conservation practices and protect the forests.

Their Approach

Ny Tanintsika has a multi-pronged approach to their mission.  Their activities include community patrol initiatives involving youth, women (who were traditionally excluded from conservation actions), and innovative technology.  They also work to fight wildfires, raise awareness of forestry legislation and provide support for income-generating activities for patrollers.

Why They Need Your Help

Ny Tanintsika needs your support to increase patrols and invest in technological equipment to improve data collection and reporting.  They are reliant upon generouns donations to continue their essential work of empowering communities and conserving wildlife.

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