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Tesoro Escondido Reserve Foundation

Ecuador, Latin America
  • Community Support and Development
  • Scientific Research
  • Wildlife Conservation
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  • Legally Constituted
    This organization is formally constituted and is a legally recognized non-profit in its country of origin.

About Tesoro Escondido Reserve Foundation

The Tesoro Escondido Reserve Foundation works to conserve the highly threatened lowland Ecuadorian Chocó forest through participatory scientific research, environmental education, and sustainable community projects.  It protects a 5,000 acre nature reserve that many endangered and endemic species depend upon for their survival, including the Ecuadorian brown-headed spider monkey.

Their Challenges

The Chocó lowland forest is threatened by several anthropogenic activities, mainly timber extraction and agriculture.  Flora and fauna in this forest are still understudied and many species haven’t been described yet.  Furthermore, local communities are not aware of the highly biodiverse area they live in, making its conservation a challenge.  Mining in the near future may become a major additional threat, as it is expanding throughout the country.

Their Approach

The Tesoro Escondido Reserve Foundation coordinates participatory scientific research, carrying out biodiversity surveys in the reserve at their scientific station.  They also work with around 500 children in local communities around the reserve through their permanent environmental education program.  They develop sustainable development community projects, particularly with local women to strengthen local businesses and capacity building.  They also manage a coexistence project that reduces human-wildlife conflict with jaguars and other predators.  The Foundation supports indigenous Chachi and mixed communities with habitat restoration projects and agroecology development.

Why They Need Your Help

The Tesoro Escondido Reserve Foundation needs donors' support to guarantee the continuation of its activities, particularly core costs which allow them to pay staff salaries and fund the operations and improvements of their crucial research station.

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