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IMPACT Madagascar
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Madiromirafy-Ankirihitra New Protected Area, Northwest Madagascar

Appeal Category:
  • Community Support and Development
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Wildlife Conservation
Key Species:
  • Crowned sifaka
  • Mongoose lemur
  • Madagascar big-headed turtle
Challenges and Threats:
  • Bushfires
  • Logging and agricultural encroachment
  • Hunting
  • Improve agricultural techniques
  • Increase patrols
  • Reinforce forest restoration program

The Challenge

The fragility of these ecosystems in general, requires us to maintain a sustainable balance between humans and wildlife. If this delicate balance is lost, then there is a serious risk of losing the remaining dry and gallery forests of Madagascar and the critically endangered species that call them home. A rapid increase in the human population living in the vicinity of the sites has been recorded. Many migrants from other localities have come massively to settle in localities where forests and renewable natural resources still exist in abundance. This massive arrival is worrying. It disrupts, or even increases, local needs in terms of natural resources and agricultural land. Threats include forest fire, bushfire, deforestation and illegal logging, and slash-and-burn agriculture. If no increased action at this stage, due to a lack of funding, the impacts would be irreversible and we risk losing all of the progress we have made.

Urgent Solutions

Supporting local communities would be the first and main solution, not only in terms of livelihood activities but also in being part of the conservation actions and solutions. Providing practical training in modern farming and agricultural techniques and short cycle breeding programs, that will replace the traditional and low-yielding practices which are currently used. We believe that the support of the local community is vital to ensuring that conservation measures are sustainable. To achieve this, we work alongside local people at all stages of project development and implementation, with an eye toward the future. Intensifying patrols by local people to monitor threats such as illegal logging and poaching, simultaneously engaging local people in the protection of their forests. Reinforce the forest restoration program, through robust tree nursery and saplings planting techniques, to improve habitat quality for forest-dependent animals. Forest restoration will include planting of native forest species, but also planting of fast-growing species to meet the needs of local people for timber and charcoal production.

Why your donation matters

Your donation to IMPACT Madagascar will support community-driven initiatives that provide local communities with the tools and resources they need to live sustainably alongside their natural surroundings. We protect wildlife species by preserving communities’ livelihoods and fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

Why Donate?

Biodiversity protection. Your support will help safeguard Madagascar’s extraordinary biodiversity, which is home to countless unique species found nowhere else on Earth.

Community Empowerment: By supporting IMPACT Madagascar, you are directly empowering local communities to thrive while conserving their environment.

Matching Impact: Thanks to the matching fund, your donation’s impact is doubled, making it even more meaningful.
Year-End Tax Deductible: Donations made by the end of the year are often tax-deductible, providing an extra incentive to contribute”

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