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IMPACT Madagascar
Madagascar, Africa
  • Community Support and Development
  • Protected Area Management
  • Wildlife Conservation
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About IMPACT Madagascar

IMPACT Madagascar is a conservation non-profit that focuses on implementing and sustaining actions for change in Madagascar.  The actions are intended to benefit and empower local communities. From development and biodiversity conservation to recycling and arts education, they sponsor a variety of projects that will aid in building a bright and sustainable future for the people and wildlife of Madagascar.

Their Vision: Protecting and conserving Madagascar's unique biodiversity while improving the lives of its people.  They implement permanent change through collaboration with local people, creating a foundation on which a better world can be built.

Their Mission: To work with local communities to provide achievable and sustainable solutions to the problems of biodiversity loss, deforestation, pollution, and poverty.

Their Challenges

Their primary challenge revolves around the destruction of vulnerable habitats.  Most of Madagascar's tropical forests have been transformed into fragmented landscapes, leaving behind disconnected and degraded forest patches.  This forest fragmentation is the most significant threat that IMPACT Madagascar is challenging.

Additional challenges include the extraction of natural resources that rural communities rely on for their livelihoods.  These threats include illegal logging, timber exploitation, charcoal production, wildlife poaching, overfishing with illegal traps and nets, land-clearing bushfires (often for agriculture), and general overuse of forest and aquatic resources.  Notably, bushfires are a major concern in dry habitats, primarily occurring at the end of the dry season for agricultural preparation.  Habitat threats are more prevalent when rangers are absent, particularly on weekends.  

Their Approach

IMPACT Madagascar works alongside local people in order to empower communities, running community-led programs and coaching practical conservation skills that are sustainable for both people and the environment.  It is not possible to protect the environment and its biodiversity without also considering the people who depend upon the surrounding natural resources for survival.  Since its creation in 2014, IMPACT Madagascar has supported local communities in reducing poverty and ensuring sustainable and feasible conservation of the environment through a holistic approach including: 

  1. Community Development and Community Conservation
  2. Environmental Outreach and Practical Environmental Education
  3. Forest and Wetlands Biodiversity and Habitat Monitoring
  4. Reforestation and Ecological Restoration
  5. Community Health
  6. Applied Scientific Research

IMPACT Madagascar also works with local people to implement conservation actions, such as threat monitoring and response through patrols.  They believe that conservation solutions must be implemented with community development at their core.  Therefore, local people are involved in all stages of the conservation projects.  They have established reforestation programs, where they are actively restoring forest habitats via an annual tree planting program.  They also plant fast-growing species to provide the communities with firewood, thereby conserving the protected forests.  Local people are trained and then paid to monitor these programs alongside the IMPACT team.

Why They Need Your Help

Madagascar is at serious risk of losing its remaining dry and gallery forest, along with the critically endangered species that call them home.  To maintain these habitats, threats need to be reduced.  Habitat threats occur mainly when rangers are absent, particularly over the weekends. Thus, increasing patrol capacity is vital to protecting these ecosystems and improving fire management strategies.  This, along with all of their other initiatives, are made possible by donations.  IMPACT Madagascar is also in need of additional funding to implement a new environmental education program to provide the next generation with the skills and knowledge to protect their environment.

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