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Antrema Miray

Madagascar, Africa

  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Community Support and Development
  • Protected Area Management
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About Antrema Miray

Antrema Miray (AMI) is a non-profit organization in Madagascar that was created by Prince Tsimanendry, Guardian of the Traditions.  Their mission is to facilitate sustainable development and conserve the biodiversity, natural resources, and cultural heritage of the Biocultural Site of Antrema.  The protected area of Antrema is located in northern Madagascar in the Province of Mahajanga.  It is over 50,000 acres, including nearly 2,500 acres of marine reserve, and is home to hundreds of endemic species.

Their Challenges

The Biocultural Site of Atrema has suffered from deforestation, droughts, and erosion, all largely fueled by anthropogenic forces.  The natural balance of the area has been significantly destabilized.  Rewilding and conserving this area is of vital importance.  There are many endangered species that depend on Antrema for their survival, including the Crowned sifaka and Mongoose lemur.

Their Approach

AMI works in collaboration with local communities to preserve the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of the Biocultural Site of Antrema.  They provide environmental education, social support, and conflict-resolution to local communities.  They also lead sustainable development initiatives, providing essential support for environmental conservation and community development.  

Why They Need Your Help

By supporting AMI's initiatives, you contribute to the conservation of the natural wonders of the Biocultural Site of Antrema.  AMI is dependent upon donations to continue their critical work of conserving Madagascar's unique species, habitats, and culture.

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