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Mikajy Natiora
Madagascar, Africa
  • Community Support and Development
  • Education
  • Wildlife Conservation
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About Mikajy Natiora

Mikajy Natiora is a Madagascar-based conservation non-profit association that was created in 2013 by Malagasy biologists.  The founders of the association are composed of multidisciplinary biologists working to protect the country’s endemic fauna and flora.  Mikajy Natiora is currently working in Andilambologno forest, Sofia Region, western Madagascar.

Their Challenges

Although the Andilambologno is unprotected, the forest is rich in biodiversity.  It is home of the critically endangered Blue-eyed black lemur, the endangered Northern giant mouse lemur, and the vulnerable Western gentle bamboo lemur.  Despite its richness, the forest is facing threats from forces such as illegal extraction of timber and lemur traps.

Their Approach

Mikajy Natiora Association aims to protect the biodiversity and its forest habitat by involving local community.  They are dedicated to conducting research on terrestrial and marine biodiversity:

  1. To disseminate scientific information
  2. To contribute to the protection and conservation of biodiversity and their habitats
  3. To educate and involve the human population living around fragile ecosystems in order to transform social practices, and
  4. To improve living conditions of the local human population and promote cohabitation and balance between humans and nature.

Why They Need Your Help

Mikajy Natiora seeks support to be able to implement long-term conservation activities in Andilambologno forest by reinforcing forest patrolling, reforestation and rewilding, raising local community awareness about the importance and necessity of biodiversity conservation, and improving the local community’s living conditions.  Support is needed to cover the costs of these projects, including salaries of forest rangers, the cost of camera traps, and equipment for the Research & Education Center. 

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