Conservation Action Award Fights Environmental Crimes and Corruption in Madagascar’s Vohibola Forest

The Vohibola Protected Area, spanning 6,425 acres in eastern Madagascar, holds a wealth of some of the world’s most unique biodiversity, sheltering seven lemur species, over 50 bird species, and an abundance of distinctive plant species.  Despite its ecological significance, the area faces imminent threats from poaching, illegal logging,  charcoal production, and corruption from local authorities. Over the years, extensive deforestation has ravaged the landscape, with forest cover decreasing by a staggering 65% between 1984 and 2014.

Responding to the urgent call for conservation, the Razan’ny Vohibola Association was established in 2016 by local communities and village leaders. With over 3,000 members from four surrounding villages, the association is dedicated to safeguarding Vohibola while enhancing livelihoods through education and alternative projects. However, limited funding has hampered their efforts, especially in sustaining patrol activities crucial for forest protection. Without ongoing, intensive protection measures, the Vohibola forest faces a dire future.

Recognizing the critical need for support, Conservation Allies awarded a Conservation Action Award grant to Razan’ny Vohibola in 2023. We are thrilled to report that this injection of funds enabled increased intensive patrols within the forest, which was crucial for preventing hundreds of crimes against nature. With ongoing financial assistance pledged through 2024, Conservation Allies stands committed to bolstering Razan’ny Vohibola’s conservation endeavors.