Unique Andean Cloud Forest Reserve Expands by 445 Acres

In a win for the biodiversity of Ecuador, and with support given from Conservation Allies, an area equivalent to over 370 football fields of montane cloud forest has been added to the permanent protection of the Cambugán Protected Forest that is 10 miles northwest of Quito.  

Managed by our partner Fundación Cambugán, the Cambugán Protected Forest serves as a crucial habitat for endangered fauna, including the elusive Andean bear, and Ecuadorian squirrel monkey, as well as many endemic plant species.  Enveloped by fog on a daily basis, this forest has a research station, allowing conservation research to prosper within this area of Ecuador.

The work to safeguard the most biodiverse areas in the world is far from finished.  Fundación Cambugan is continuously working to expand protections to more of Ecuador’s forests.  It requires a collective effort from all, and each individual contribution counts towards ensuring the longevity of these invaluable ecosystems. With your support, we can continue our mission of supporting our partners in protecting and conserving these vital habitats for generations to come.