Endangered Species are Returning to this Community Managed Lake in Madagascar

Recent observations at Lake Anjikely in western Madagascar have provided encouraging signs of ecosystem recovery, with the reappearance of Malagasy pond herons and Madagascar big-headed turtles. Given the endangered status of both species (the Madagascar big-headed turtle is one of the most endangered turtles in the world), these sightings are particularly significant, indicating the effectiveness of local conservation efforts led by our partner organization, Impact Madagascar.

Through initiatives such as wildlife patrols, sustainable management practices, and community engagement, Impact Madagascar has successfully reduced human-induced disturbances and restored much of Lake Anjikely’s natural equilibrium. Their comprehensive approach and ongoing management of the area have contributed to the resurgence of biodiversity in the lake, making for a more balanced and resilient ecosystem.

The presence of Malagasy pond herons and Madagascar big-headed turtles not only demonstrates the resilience of these species, but also emphasizes the importance of collaborative, locally-led conservation work. Continued partnerships with organizations like Impact Madagascar offer hope for the continual preservation and restoration of Madagascar’s unique biodiversity. 
Impact Madagascar needs your help!  They are in the last push to raise funds for their ongoing community project.  By donating, you will play a key role in helping provide local communities with the tools and resources they need to live sustainably alongside their natural surroundings, leading to a better world for both humans and wildlife.